"Partner program of the municipalities of Godów and Petrovice u Karviné"


"Development strategy of the Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion for the years 2021-2027"

"Communication model in crisis situations"

"Impact analysis of the Polish-Czech border closure on the various socio-economic aspects as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic"


"Comparative analysis of the main thematic areas of support provided for projects under INTERREG cross-border operational programmes on the Polish, Czech and Slovak borders"

"Documentation defining the form of cooperation and conducting joint activities within the framework of the Partnership of the Polish-Czech-Slovak Institute - final version"

"Socio-economic consequences of the closure of the Polish-Czech border for cross-border workers in the Euroregion Cieszyn Silesia in connection with the pandemic COVID-19 - current state and forecast"


"Partner program of the cities of Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Karviná and Havířov"


"Recommendations for the Polish-Czech border area in the Euroregion Cieszyn Silesia"


"Documentation defining the form of cooperation and developing common actions within the framework of Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute partnership"

"Barriers and needs concerning cross-border cooperation on Polish-Czech borderland in the context of training and consulting issue (analysis)"


"Action plan for the creation of a cross-border labour market in Třinec Region"


"Feasibility study of the EuroInstitute - 1st stage. Report from workshops dedicated to the work on establishing the international training and consulting centre (EuroInstitute)
in the Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion"


"Concept of establishing the international training and consulting centre - PL-CZ EuroInstitute"