In 2020, we completed the implementation of a joint partnership project entitled "EURO-IN.NET", which was a continuation of the project entitled "EURO-IN" and was the next stage of creating an international center for cross-border education – Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute. As part of the project, we conducted three groups of activities (training and consulting, analytical and conceptual, educational and publishing) supported by information and promotion activities.

Training and consulting activities were related to the improvement of the organizational and technical facilities of the Lead Partner of the project and included the purchase of technical equipment to support training and consulting activities, as well as modernization of the training room and adaptation of the room / booth for simultaneous interpreting, as well as preparation and conduct of cross-border training.

Analytical and conceptual activities included the development and publication of three documents: conception/assumptions for the accreditation of cross-border training; study / analysis devoted to Polish-Czech-Slovak cross-border issues; the final version of the documentation specifying the form of cooperation and conducting joint activities under the partnership of the Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute.

The third group of activities concerned the preparation and publication of the next volumes of the series "TRANSCARPHATICA. The works of the Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute "devoted to selected issues of the trilateral border, supporting the development of the library and the European reading room constituting part of the Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute, as well as the preparation and conduct of cross-border talks and international conferences.

Information and promotional activities were aimed at creating the brand of the Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute through various activities, including, among others: purchase of photojournalistic and image photos, making a promotional spot and reportage, designing and making the EuroInstitute statuette with a certificate and badges of the EuroInstitute, publication of a brochure promoting the activities of EuroInstitute and a training catalogue, conducting promotional campaigns in the media, as well as debates on cross-border issues, updating information on the EuroInstitute website.

The project was completed in 2020, but work related to the Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute is still ongoing.