Top quality

In order to provide top quality services, all the activities that we engage in undergo continuous evaluation. We do our best in order to ensure that the Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute lives up to the expectations of our target clients, to whom we address our actions. We are constantly learning, developing and improving.

We use the criteria established by the model centre for cross-border cooperation – the Euro-Institut in Kehl. These criteria apply to the entities willing to use the registered trademark „Euro-Institut”, and they include:

  • operating in a cross-border region,
  • having partners from every side of the border,
  • contributing to activities performed in the public interest,
  • fostering cooperation across borders through training organisation and / or conducting research,
  • targeting activities at public administration institutions or other entities contributing to the public interest,
  • having a multinational and multicultural team of people knowing the languages spoken in the cross-border region,
  • respecting the languages spoken by the actors of cross-border cooperation and encouraging their use in ongoing activities,
  • seeking collaboration with organisations with a different logic of work – stressing interculturalism,
  • developing methods and tools for cross-border training adapted to the cultural differences and needs of the cross-border region.